You Should Know Your Brand.
So Should Your Customers.

At Success Copywriting, I help companies just like yours to develop memorable branding and identity solutions that set them apart from the competition.

As an experienced branding copywriter and marketing strategist, I have the knowledge and experience you need to help develop a winning brand and identity for your company, product, or service. Guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building your brand or identity from scratch, or if you’re simply looking for a fresh perspective on an existing branding strategy—either way, I can help!

My team and I begin your branding project by:

  • Talking with you to determine what your business, product, or service stands for;
  • Establishing how your products or services are represented in the marketplace;
  • Building the best strategy for growing your relationship with your clients or customers; and
  • Developing the ideal method for broadening the national and global appeal of your brand.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call my office at 818-280-5600 or contact me by email. A consultation with me is completely FREE, with no obligation.

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A Word About
My Branding & Identity Services

Below, you’ll find a list of the Branding and Identity services I offer in a convenient "menu" style format. To contact me, simply call my office at 818-280-5600. If you prefer email, click here or on one of the links located below each individual section.

I also recommend that you review my How I Work and Privacy Policy pages. If you'd like to see a list of my representative rates, you can visit that page here or click on the “My Rates” link below.


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Branding & Identity Services

From logo creation to identity development to market strategy and beyond, my Branding & Identity services can help establish the public image of your company, product, or service.

My in-house team and I can assist your business or organization with a range of branding and identity services including:

Brand Naming, Look, and Feel
Logos, Iconography and Character Design
Brand Background, Story Consulting and Development
Brand Guidelines, Style Guides and Visual Identity
Product Packaging and Product Designs
Retail and B2B Product and Service Branding Strategies


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Logo Development

Every business, organization, or product should have a professional, polished logo that represents them in the marketplace.

As a branding and identity expert, I work closely with my in-house graphic design team to research, conceptualize, and design logos that promote brand awareness and establish corporate identity for use in print and digital marketing.

When you choose my team and I to develop your logo, you’ll receive:

  • A competitive branding analysis;
  • A color and contrast analysis of your existing logo and materials;
  • Up to 3 concept mockups;
  • Up to 2 final revisions of the accepted design;
  • Font and color codes
  • Lifetime file recovery (I use Dropbox® Business for secure file archiving)
  • Master files in PSD, PNG, and JPEG formats
  • My Success Copywriting “Satisfaction Guarantee”


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Brand Management Consulting

Knowing your target market and where you fit into the marketplace is a crucial part of the process when developing your branding and identity.

At Success Copywriting, my team and I are experts at determining the best way to present your company, products, or services to prospective customers across all mediums, from print to digital and beyond.


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Visual Identity & Style Guide

Before beginning work on any logo or branding initiative, I work closely with you and your team to determine the visual identity of your company, product, or service. Then my team and I begin developing a “palette” that represents the image and personality of your brand. This could (and usually does) involve elements including:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Photos
  • Icons
  • Shapes

One we’ve established the base parameters for your visual identity, we consult with you to ensure that these choices align with your short and long-term business goals and objectives. Then we move on to the next steps, which include applying these visual identity elements to your overall branding and marketing efforts, from logos and websites to advertising, print collateral, and more.

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Name Development

It may seem obvious, but a surprising number of companies fail to realize the importance of having a memorable, compelling name for their brand, product, or service.

As part of our branding and identity process, we collaborate with you to examine your current naming paradigm. Our goal is to make sure the name (or names) that you’ve chosen is actually helping you or your company stand out from the crowd while providing the competitive edge you need and want for your business.


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