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First, though, I suggest (really!) that you take the time to read the rest of this page. Why? Because it contains information you may find useful—not just when dealing with me, but when you’re negotiating with any marketing agency or freelancer.

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Understanding My Rates

When you browse through my rates page, you’ll notice right away that all of the project types don’t have just one price. There’s a simple explanation for this:

In a word: complexity.

All marketing and direct response projects are complex, of course; it's simply a matter of degree. In other words, what may be a simple marketing problem for one client can be an extremely sophisticated one for another.

For example, if your project is very technical or otherwise difficult to market, or if you have absolutely no idea how you would like to market your products or services—or for that matter, to whom—then it's going to cost you more. Why?

For the same reason a lawn service charges more for a corner lot, why your plumber charges less to fix one pipe than he does when the kitchen sink collapses, or why your attorney charges more for complicated legal issues.

There's simply more work—and often, more experience—required.

What you're paying for isn't just work in the traditional sense of the word; you're also paying for my professional knowledge and years of experience delivering real results for my clients. That translates into greater response rates and higher profits for your business. Guaranteed.


Here's Some More Good News...


Unlike agencies—and even many freelancers—Success Copywriting charges by the project—never by the hour (unless you really want me to).

This policy can, and almost always does, mean BIG savings for you!

When I charge by the project, there are no "hidden" costs or unexpected hourly fees to contend with. I provide a free, no obligation written estimate that spells out how we'll work together on your project, along with the minimum and maximum amounts that your project will cost.

That’s the same treatment you should receive from any agency or freelancer.


Per-Project Vs. Hourly Rates

Many agencies and freelancers have a very good reason for charging hourly rates: it’s more profitable for them. By charging hourly, they can “bundle” tasks into single or multi-hour buckets that are the “rounded up” and passed on to you, the client.

At Success Copywriting, I believe you should know how much you’re being charged—and for what—before I begin work on your project. So there are no surprises when it comes to my estimates, unless they’re happy ones.

If another agency or freelancer else is trying to force you into an hourly rate, it could be for several reasons. Perhaps they don’t know how to properly manage their resources; or (and this is sad to say), it could mean that they’re less than honest.

Now, having said that, I'm an optimist at heart. I tend to believe that most agencies and freelancers really are honest people. Still, when abused, hourly rates can ultimately cost you and your organization a lot of wasted money. So you’ll want to keep that in mind.

At Success Copywriting, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. I utilize per-project rates because I want you to be happy…and I want to work with you long into the future!

In short, I believe that contributing to your your success helps us succeed, too.

So Here's How It All Starts...

When you request a quote from me, I'll ask for some information about your business and the project you have in mind. I'll also probably ask for a few things, such as (but not limited to):

  • Any marketing materials you may already have;
  • Any relevant interoffice or company memos;
  • Any pertinent notes from business meetings;
  • Any technical letters and product specs; and
  • Your Marketing Plan

If you don't have all of the items listed above, no problem! I, will personally evaluate whatever information you can provide

Then I will present you with a free, no-obligation estimate that covers the entire process for your project from start to finish. For more information about our working process, please visit my How I Work page.

Also, feel free to look over my extensive Portfolio. If you'd like to request an estimate for your next marketing project, go ahead I promise it won't cost you a thing! And best of all, there’s never any obligation when you speak with me.

Once again, we appreciate you considering Success Copywriting. I hope you’ll provide me with the opportunity to work on your next marketing initiative.

P.S. I specialize in fixing "broken" marketing projects. If you’ve already tried another agency or freelancer, including a copywriter, graphic designer, branding strategist, or digital consultant—and weren't happy with their results—let's talk. I'll probably be able to help salvage your investment, saving you time and money!


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